“You Mean I Can Get Beer In My Mailbox? WOT?!”

My beloved readers, I bring this news to you cautiously, but am not going to lie; I’m wriggling with excitement in my computer chair as I type this post. There is a company out there — legitimately out there — with a plan to offer the service of beer shipment directly from breweries (select breweries so far) to you, the craft beer loving consumer.

Thanks to one of my favorite Washington breweries, American Brewing, I read about this today and am, of course, extremely intrigued. Could this be a major game changer for craft beer nation-wide, an revolutionary end to antiquated laws that prevented intrastate shipment of beer from being possible in the past, and most importantly (and obviously), the availability of beer that we cannot purchase in our local markets direct to our front doors? Looks like there are still some kinks to be worked out before everything comes together, but, if things go as planned, this has the potential to be quite epic.
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