Here We Go Again: Beer for Men, Not for Women.

I imagine if you follow my personal account on Twitter or on Facebook, you’ve already heard me groaning and moaning about what I’m going to be discussing in this post. But I would be doing a gross disservice to my followers, fellow craft beer lovers, and the general educated public if I did not delve deeper into this issue here on my blog. As those who know me personally can vouch, I care deeply about beer, specifically craft beer. Even more than that, it pains me when we, the craft beer-loving community, are misrepresented or demeaned.

Likely Bravehorse Tavern was innocent in their Twitter post this morning when they read and shared the article found on today’s the Wall Street Journal Online regarding the innovation of “Beer Candy.” Apparently growing more popular as the holidays approach, the WSJ delved into the history of the confection and it’s evolution as chocolatiers attempt to “close the gender gap” when it comes to the purchase and consumption of chocolate products.

Much to my dismay (or sick-and-twisted delight), the story approached the invention and promotion of “beer candy” as a means for small and large confectioners all over the county to basically trick men into liking chocolate, (apparently, men do not enjoy chocolate, who knew?) based on the fact that it is beer-flavored.

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