The key is the opener: A successful launch party for Churchkey Can Co.

Tuesday night saw a full house at King’s Hardware in Ballard, with dozens of locals tipping back a first taste of Churchkey Can Company pilsner. The gorgeous steel cans made their way into party goer’s hands, as actor-turned-co-owners of Churchkey, Adrian Grenier, mingled with beer nerds, industry folk and the usual smattering of Seattle hipsters.

Joel VandenBrink, owner of Two Beers Brewing Co., the local brewery that is brewing Churchkey’s beer here in Seattle, was present as well, chatting with folks about the new partnership. Joel mentioned that Two Beers is excited about working with Churchkey, hoping that the success of the new retro cans will continue to create a beer-can friendly environment here in the Seattle brew scene. Two Beers cans four of their year-around beers and two of their seasonals currently, so they are familiar with the canning process and were amongst the first breweries in Washington to go with canning rather than only bottling. The little blue cans of pilsner are now available at any of your local beer vendors and can be purchased at a number of bars around Seattle. For more information on the beer itself and the launch, refer back to my previous post about the beer.

As far as the beer goes, I’m going to give it an overall “not bad.” Personally, I’m not a huge fan of pilsner, and even on a hot day, it’s not my light beer of choice. But Churchkey is easy to drink and the can is pretty fun (if a little kitschy). But as far as beer in a can goes, it’s pretty descent. And it sure beats PBR by a long shot.

Enjoy some photos from Tuesday’s event, and if you have opinions to share about Churchkey beer, please do so here. Cheers!

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