Finally, beer bars are coming to Capitol Hill

As a beer aficionado and resident of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, I’m often torn as to where I can easily go for a good beer. Sure, great local beer isn’t exactly difficult to come by here on the Hill — we’ve got Elysian Brewing’s pub and a few spots that I find have great tap lists (such as Hopvine, Barca, Quinn’s and Linda’s), but the culture of beer bars, pubs specifically dedicated to keeping a large, rotating tap list, is difficult to substitute. I’m usually forced to either frequent the same pubs over and over or travel outside of my neighborhood.

Well, lo and behold, tonight marks the official (though it was unofficially open over the weekend) grand opening of the Pine Box. Opening its daunting wooden doors, the Pine Box space previously housed the struggling bar, The Chapel, and even before that, a funeral home. Now boasting 30 plus beers on tap (mostly local) with a large variety of sours, IPAs and experimental brews, the newest addition to Seattle’s beer bar scene is open to the public in the Pine and Melrose building. They will soon be finishing their back patio area, which will be open in the evenings and on weekends which will be hot property come this summer.

The interior of the pub is impressive — booths line the bottom floor with old chapel pew benches for seats and tables made of refinished pine from old, unused pine boxes (ie. coffins, hence the name “Pine Box”). The high ceilings and beautiful glass windows give the space a very open, airy feel. The upstairs space has plenty of extra seating space and will allow for the bar to fit plenty of happy beer drinkers on busy nights. And the bar itself dons two wide, flat screen TVs that broadcast the full tap list at all times.

After stopping by for a couple of beers yesterday afternoon, I can certainly say this will be one of my newest regular spots. And having a new regular spot in my own neighborhood is welcome and happy news indeed. Word on the street is that Pine Box will be hosting at least one (or two) events for Seattle Beer Week coming up in May. Looking forward to what Pine Box has in store for us Seattle beer snobs. Their grand opening is happening right now, so stop by after work and check it out. Cheers!

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