“You Mean I Can Get Beer In My Mailbox? WOT?!”

My beloved readers, I bring this news to you cautiously, but am not going to lie; I’m wriggling with excitement in my computer chair as I type this post. There is a company out there — legitimately out there — with a plan to offer the service of beer shipment directly from breweries (select breweries so far) to you, the craft beer loving consumer.

Thanks to one of my favorite Washington breweries, American Brewing, I read about this today and am, of course, extremely intrigued. Could this be a major game changer for craft beer nation-wide, an revolutionary end to antiquated laws that prevented intrastate shipment of beer from being possible in the past, and most importantly (and obviously), the availability of beer that we cannot purchase in our local markets direct to our front doors? Looks like there are still some kinks to be worked out before everything comes together, but, if things go as planned, this has the potential to be quite epic.

From the press release published back in October 2011:

Philadelphia, PA – October 24, 2011 – Beerjobber (www.beerjobber.com) is the only online craft beer market that delivers straight to a customer’s door directly from the brewery. Today we are announcing that the site is officially open to brewers. Beerjobber has accepted over 40 brewers so far onto the site, and is recruiting regional brewers with fans that can’t get their beer. The site will launch in Beta in mid-November, with plans to launch to general consumer availability early 2012.

Beerjobber also makes personalized recommendations based on what beers each customer likes and doesn’t like. Consumers can then make an online purchase and have the beer shipped directly from the brewer to their door, ensuring peak freshness.

“At Beerjobber, we are passionate about craft beer and the discovery process around trying and recommending new craft beers,” said Sean Nevins, President of Beerjobber. “Our goal is to connect craft brewers with craft beer lovers, regardless of their location or size of brewery, so that more people can enjoy the variety of craft beers from around the country with the convenience of delivery right to their home.”

Beerjobber is designed to benefit breweries of all sizes:

• Beerjobber helps brewers serve existing fans not currently in their distribution footprint.
• Beerjobber helps brewers reach an expanded consumer base of people who are likely to enjoy their beers.
• Beerjobber.com offers the promotion and sale of brewers’ products, and related back-end administrative
tasks, at no cost to brewers.
• Beerjobber.com is compliant with the laws in each of the 35 states to which it ships.
• Brewers receive full indemnification for all activities of Beerjobber and licensed affiliates.
• Beerjobber works with breweries to determine which states they want to ship beer to, restricting sales
if needed.

More than an online store, Beerjobber is also a social network, connecting craft beer enthusiasts with one another. The site provides recommendations based on members’ taste profiles, past purchases, community ratings and rankings. Additionally, members will be able to view beers recommended by their friends and the Beerjobber community, making discovering and buying craft beer a new social experience.

Interested brewers can sign up to become a Beerjobber brewer and create an account at www.beerjobber.com or by contacting Alicia Payne, Vice President of Brewer Relations, at apayne@beerjobber.com, (215) 592-9000.

About Beerjobber
Beerjobber is the only online beer market and community where beer lovers and brewers can connect and share their passion for brewery fresh craft beer. Beerjobber is the first online market of its kind offering beer delivered straight to a customer’s door, directly from the brewery, at the peak of freshness and taste.
For more information, discussions on what we have to look forward to, and more, check out the Beerjobber blog site.

Regardless of whether or not this will actually works the way we’d probably all like it to, one thing is for sure: this online beer-buying possibility is a huge leap forward and could only mean good things for the craft beer industry, bother here in the Pacific Northwest, and all over the world. I recommend following Beerjobber on Twitter and Facebook in order to follow up on any updates and announcements in the coming months. Huzzah and cheers!

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