A visit to Diamond Knot Brewery, Mukilteo, WA

Attention loving readers:

Apologies for the thinning of my posts lately, it’s getting to be that time of year where I have less time and money to spend on attending beer events. BUT, do not fear, I will continue to try and post at least once a week (shame on me for not posting last week!)

That being said, last week I had the distinct privilege of visiting the illustrious Diamond Knot Brewery in Mukilteo, WA. It was a rainy, cold Thursday night (Veteran’s Day evening to be precise) but rain and cold appeared to be absolutely no deterrent to those patrons who love good beer, good food and good atmosphere.

The Beer
This was my first opportunity to get a frothy pint of Diamond Knot’s fabulous winter warmer: Industrial Ho-Ho. I didn’t even hesitate, as soon as my tush hit the bench in this typical by-the-docks type pub I ordered myself a Ho-Ho and got to business. This beer is what a winter warmer should be: Dark, strong, but not too sweet. Malty with a bit of spicy flavor, I could really enjoy this beer all winter long and not get burned out, as it had a great finish, and again, no extra sweetness.

A pint of the Prossession Porter followed, and damn was this a great porter. I love porters, and sometimes they all start to taste the same. But this was was so smooth and luscious, I drank it far too quickly. Had a fantastic coffee essence and rich, chewy texture. I can say with certainty that this beer has made it up on my list for “Top 10 Porters” I’ve had in the last year.

My buddy Jeremy was more than willing to drink any beer put in front of him.

Didn’t go too much farther with the beer, but I’d like to make a quick observation on the establishment itself.

The Brewery/Restaurant

This place has an absolutely phenomenal vibe to it. Packed to the gills (well, it’s really not a big space), everyone was so laid back, happy and friendly. The waitstaff was really courteous and knowledgeable, and the menu is probably one of the best I’ve seen at a brewery yet. Happy hour is wonderful: great appetizer specials (highly recommend the nachos with SPICY chili) and 30% off on their thin crust pizzas. The pizzas are great, but what really got us was the hot stones they bring your food on if you get any of the “main dishes” (except for pizzas). You get to cook your food right there at the table exactly to your liking! Cooking on hot stones is fun, novel and a good idea for keeping it interesting in a pub environment while also not slacking at all on quality food.

That’s about all I have to report on this brewery for now. My main goal was to check out the establishment itself and to get myself a nice pint of DK’s winter treasure. I’d say all-in-all a great success! I don’t get to Mukilteo much, unless I’m out there visiting friends in the Great White North, but I certainly look forward to stopping in again when next I am up that way. Also, if you’re over at Diamond Knot anyway, might want to check out the Mukilteo Lodge as well. It’s just up the road (inland) from the brewery and has a great tap selection of local beers – especially seasonals. Cheers!

This weekend: Desert Bus for Hope

Also…I know this is not on the subject of beer per say, but I would like to take a quick opportunity to plug a very special event that is near and dear to my heart, which will be going LIVE in less than 6 hours here:

Please, if you do just one thing today, tomorrow, or any time this weekend, visit www.desertbus.org and give some support to a fantastic cause. Desert Bus for Hope is a annual (this marks the 4th) marathon event where a group of very ridiculous Canadian comedians get together and play the world’s most boring, monotonous game out there to raise gobs of money for Child’s Play Charity. If you like gaming, if you like geek culture, if you like comedy – check out the live feed, give what you can, and enjoy the marathon!

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