Tips for Camping in France

a camping spot in south france

Trends of budget family camping were formerly earmarked for Italy. But today, families are heading for budget camping in France as well.

In the case of camping, trips have usually centred around vacationing in a mobile home.

And thus, mounting marketing by the French tourism industry has made people aware of spectacular locales and the possibilities for budget camping.

The possibilities: There are many charming surroundings and cultures just fit for a good enjoyable camping during a family vacation in France. For instance, in and around the Pyrenees, there are many striking yet budget family camping locations that are scenic, serene.

The journey at its beginning: As the entire family is involved in the camping, the first task in hand should be finding a good deal on fairly-priced airline tickets. The trends of low-cost careers for the family or full family trip are common in the global airline industry. Ironically, the cost of getting to France is the most expensive part of the camping tour.

So, budget trip tickets should be booked in advance- keeping in line with the plan and time of the vacation.

The most important news for economic camping seekers in France is, tickets and expenses may come cheap during the off-season (when there is hardly any busy tourist time). The fall season is usually the off-season and summer comes as the most active.

Now concentrate on the mission- camping: When plans and arrangements are settled with tickets, the family can start planning and selecting camping locations in France. The good news is- camping spots or places in France can be booked in advance. But there is usually not much chance of getting a discount for advance booking of French campsites. But this ensures that the campers are not a victim of high rates due to last minute reservations.

Again, the campers can get online to reserve specific campsites. Talking to or sharing the issue with the local tourism boards is also helpful as the board offers counselling and service regarding backcountry permits. These permits allow the campers to choose various camping sites for the campers in France. Again, this is yet another smart way to attaining the correct info for cheap.

Other avenues to keep costs down: For keeping the cost down, a smart way is to bring the camping equipment/gears from outside France. In France, this equipment cost very high compared to outside the country. This helps the campers to stay prepared for hiking as soon as they get there.

why not enjoying a day cruiseBudget Lodging: Comfortable dwellings for low cost is now not rare in France. There are scattered camping spots around France. Just in the way there are 5-star hotels for luxury tourists, there are four stars for economy travellers. The good thing for economy travel lovers is, there are amenities like pools, fine dining and on-site grocery stores.

Government Ratings: The campgrounds of France has star ratings issued by the French governments. But experiences has shown that the campers should not rely on the government rating fully. Still, the mediocre four-star campgrounds are quite popular with tourists. As a matter of fact, because of the height the French tourism has reached today, most of the 3 star or 4-star camping grounds are comfortable, and if the campers are lucky enough, they could find some are downright luxurious for camping.

The reason why France camping can go cheap: As prices are quite reasonable, the spots can be enjoyed within the price ranges of a handful of euros for a primitive tent site, two people and a car. There is however 400 euro worth sites that are specially designed for a weekly rent of a 6-person bungalow. If the campers prefer paid electricity, they are frequently available for about 2-4 extra euros. But power usually requires the campers to purchase individual campsite adaptor and an extension cord.

Camping Amenities: As different people wish to experience camping in a variety of ways, there are different sorts of amenities offered to French campers.

Here is a list of the most common ones:

• Furnished tents,
• Refrigerators,
• Grills or even TVs.
• Pools,
• Restaurants or snack bars,
• Nightclubs and
• Grocery stores.

Some camping grounds come with internet cafes or wi-fi. ATMs and doctors on-site are becoming the usual scenario for French camping grounds. But the best camping grounds according to the experts are located around the coasts.

How costs mount in French camping: Eyes should be open for bumping costs. Taking the case of rent a car, for instance, is an essential thing during the camping as the camp in the open ground may not turn out to be a safe place to keep the things of the campers.

Check this article about cool camping tents if you are looking for equipment!

Santa Barbara California, Why is it so special?

Santa Barbara, California, is the destination for a weekend romantic getaway or family vacation filled with fun and adventure. This area is rather culturally significant with historic features sunny beaches, mountain vistas, recreational attractions, and educational opportunities for adults and children. Boasting a Mediterranean climate pleasantly mild throughout the year is the time of year to visit Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara CaliforniaNo matter what your interests are, there is always plenty to do in and around Santa Barbara. Those seeking outdoor recreation will find opportunities galore. Of immaculate, white sandy beaches, water lovers to enjoy swimming, boating, sports fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, and whale watching. Ruud land can ride on the trails for hiking and biking or enjoy an afternoon of horseback riding through the coastal mountain paradise.

The self-guided tour of Santa Barbara walks leads guests to the historic sites of the city, including the county courthouse. Considered an architectural masterpiece, the Spanish design is nestled amidst lush green lawns Moorish and tropical gardens. The view from the top of the tower is not to be missed. See historical adobes on the road to El Presidio State Historic Park for an example of the architectural and historical significance. The mission nearby, founded in 1786 and one of 21 Franciscan missions in California, is one of the finest in the state. Today he still works as a church is open daily for self-guided.

Nature lovers will want to visit the Natural History Museum, which has exhibits of flora and fauna and a fascinating look at prehistoric Indian life. Although considered a small zoo with 500 animals, the zoo is one of the best in the United States. Known for its park-like atmosphere with plenty of picnic and open areas, it offers an intimate viewing of elephants, lions, giraffes, sea lions, exotic birds, and much more.

The Botanical Gardens have 65 hectares of native flora, including wildflowers breathtaking natural environments in exquisite.
Wine lovers are really at home with a variety of excursions. Knowledgeable guides will take connoisseurs across the country of wine and picturesque of the best vineyards of Santa Ynez Valley. Discover the back country roads and learn about the history of the region and the wine industry. Enjoy the exceptional wines of the valley and learn about local viticulture for better appreciation.

Beautifully located in Santa Barbara condos are available with every comfort, privacy and space of the house with all amenities of vacation you want for a relaxing getaway.

Airbnb does not scare traditional hotels

There are many traditional hotels, private hotels and other hotel services in many countries across the globe. The hotel rates have become as fancy as the rates of flight tickets and limousines, not kidding! The “fancy” hotel rates have given an extra space for Airbnb to grow stronger and wider. According to the critics, Airbnb would take over the traditional hotels in near future, but the hotel managers refuse to believe the predicted data. Recently, the San Francisco based company has been way too generous to its users. It provides many renting services to the travelers such as apartments, humongous villas, and even a freaking big castle, how cool is that? No more dreaming about living a life in castles when you actually can! Airbnb allows people to make money off their apartments and even spare rooms and it is all because of the sharing economy.

Airbnb office in Toronto, Canada
Airbnb office in Toronto, Canada

Airbnb does feel good campaigns, and it’s not for the publicity, or maybe? The company is also known for many charges and controversies. Several sources say the company is not very safe when it comes to apartment sharing services.

But honestly speaking, Airbnb poses a dangerous threat to the traditional hotels out there, and it is slowly taking down them. The largest hotel distribution network does not target the business travellers and the hotels are making money off it. The rates of hotels and apartments under Airbnb are cheaper than a private hotel. Despite all the advantages, Airbnb does not really scare the traditional hotels!

Ways to make sharing economies like Airbnb and Uber safer

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 22.11.23The Sharing economy is the latest trend that is slowly getting popular among the public and the media. The critics say the infectious economy would soon take over other economies in near future. Remember, even a few dollars you earn from the sharing economy could fetch you a cappuccino from Star bucks! People are no longer interested to work under someone, they want to be their own bosses and manage their own shift timings, as simple as that! The sharing economy could possibly fire the corporate world because there would be no supply of full time professionals.

Airbnb is the most popular hotel distribution network that poses a serious threat to the traditional hotels. It is the widely used home renting website in many countries across the world. It is also a proud owner of controversies and most of them are caused by the hosts.


Uber is the famous online ride hailing app that offers rides for many people from different countries across the globe. It is also known for its controversies like theft of personal property, sexual harassments, etc. Nevertheless, both the firms are black markets and are looting money off its users. We need to stay protected and secured when we rent an apartment through Airbnb and take a cab from Uber app. Make a note of all the local emergency contact numbers and let your friends and family know about your plans. Most importantly, go through the reviews of your hosts and cab drivers before you make any plans.


Have Growler, Will Travel goes to Yakima

It may come as a great shock to some of you that I have never been to Yakima for fresh hop season. In the grand scheme of my craft beer journey, my love of this tongue-tingling beer style has been a fairly recent development. In past years, I’ve overlooked fresh hop festivities, but no longer. So, when I was approached with the opportunity to finally attend Yakima’s Fresh Hop Ale Fest this Saturday, October 5, I jumped at the chance for five glorious hours of hoppy bliss.

whot whotNow in its eleventh year running, this festival is a celebration of one of Washington’s most bountiful crop: Hops. While the harvest began earlier this month, hops will continue to be collected off the vines over the next few weeks and brewers have already begun releasing their seasonals that highlight this year’s freshest ingredients.

The Fresh Hop Ale Festival showcases beers produced with fresh, Yakima Valley hops, the world’s largest hop-growing region (78%). To qualify for the festival and be considered a “fresh hop ale” the beers must be produced with Yakima Valley hops that have moved from vine to vat in 24 hours. Qualifying brews will be judged by professionals in the industry (for the Judges Awards) as well as attendees (for the People’s Choice Awards). The fest will include over 30 breweries, 16 food vendors, five local wineries, and two bands. The event on Saturday runs from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Yakima’s Millenium Plaza downtown and will feature at least one fresh hop beer from each brewery present.

All proceeds from this festival go towards supporting Allied Arts of Yakima Valley, a non-profit organization that has been promoting and coordinating arts events in the Valley since 1962. Allied Arts focuses on developing artistic and academic skills in youth, community enhancement, and economic development.

Tickets are still available online at Brown Paper Tickets for $30 plus service fee, or $35 at the gate Saturday evening. Ticket price includes entry into the festival, a pint glass and $7 in “script.” A 4-oz pour is $2 of script. Additional script can be purchased for $1 per script at the festival. A full pint it is $5 script (or $5).

This year, Yakima, Washington. Next year, Hood River Valley, Oregon? Cheers!