Airbnb does not really scare the traditional hotels

There are many traditional hotels, private hotels and other hotel services in many countries across the globe. The hotel rates have become as fancy as the rates of flight tickets and limousines, not kidding! The “fancy” hotel rates have given an extra space for Airbnb to grow stronger and wider. According to the critics, Airbnb would take over the traditional hotels in near future, but the hotel managers refuse to believe the predicted data. Recently, the San Francisco based company has been way too generous to its users. It provides many renting services to the travelers such as apartments, humongous villas, and even a freaking big castle, how cool is that? No more dreaming about living a life in castles when you actually can! Airbnb allows people to make money off their apartments and even spare rooms and it is all because of the sharing economy.

Airbnb does feel good campaigns and it’s not for the publicity, or maybe? The company is also known for many charges and controversies. Several sources say the company is not very safe when it comes to apartment sharing services.
But honestly speaking, Airbnb poses a dangerous threat to the traditional hotels out there and it is slowly taking down them. The largest hotel distribution network does not target the business travelers and the hotels are making money off it. The rates of hotels and apartments under Airbnb are cheaper than private hotel. Despite all the advantages, Airbnb does not really scare the traditional hotels!

Ways to make sharing economies like Airbnb and Uber safer

The Sharing economy is the latest trend that is slowly getting popular among the public and the media. The critics say the infectious economy would soon take over other economies in near future. Remember, even a few dollars you earn from the sharing economy could fetch you a cappuccino from Star bucks! People are no longer interested to work under someone, they want to be their own bosses and manage their own shift timings, as simple as that! The sharing economy could possibly fire the corporate world because there would be no supply of full time professionals.
Airbnb is the most popular hotel distribution network that poses a serious threat to the traditional hotels. It is the widely used home renting website in many countries across the world. It is also a proud owner of controversies and most of them are caused by the hosts.

Uber is the famous online ride hailing app that offers rides for many people from different countries across the globe. It is also known for its controversies like theft of personal property, sexual harassments, etc. Nevertheless, both the firms are black markets and are looting money off its users. We need to stay protected and secured when we rent an apartment through Airbnb and take a cab from Uber app. Make a note of all the local emergency contact numbers and let your friends and family know about your plans. Most importantly, go through the reviews of your hosts and cab drivers before you make any plans.

Shoes style Matching with Dress

There are various shoe models available at the market but choosing the perfect one according to occasion will improve your appearance. Selecting the perfect dress is alone will never improve your status so adding some things that matching with dress will improve a lot. Athletic shoes are very flexible which is suitable for runners, cross trainers and sports players. Boat shoes are commonly used but need to be dressed gently and handled properly. It is very suitable for sport coats and nice slakes especially at night outing. Dress boots are highly preferable for office uses where you may enjoy the compliments when sitting on meeting. Driving moccasins is more suitable for driving purpose where the rubber on the heel supports a lot to apply paddles on the car, it is the casual shoe where you can wear while Driving, Walking, Shopping.

Oxfords are the standard piece for the business meetings the black color is suitable for all kind of meetings, Polishing will shine your shoes in the conference room. Patent leather is the old model but still have in position to suit for jean or a sport coat. The pure leather in these shoes will really shine the shoes. Penny leathers are suitable for Khakis , Sport, Denim. You should not wear without shocks because the inner cavity is little more open than normal shoe. Work boots are more durability shoes where you can use it for many years. It is suitable for snow atmosphere also for working in wet condition. Wingtips are very popular who need to improve their style and personality. It is wide and long enough in size for your foot. It is more suitable for old guys looking for young appearance.

How to create a perfect and informative webpage

Web site is consisting of various web pages, it is essential to create web page in such a way that once any visitor view the same, he should not turn it off immediately. He should be stick to that page unless he solves his purpose. Creation of good web page is a key factor of any web site designing process.The web page is divided in other small parts such as page title. Is your web page title is relevant to the contents of web pages? Is it a expressive page title? Every user is start reading a page because of its relevant title so this top most important factor of web page.

Many times people do not have much time to go through long and deep information and many times people not showing any interest in short or incomplete information so try to maintain proper and normal length. Off course it is what visitors are interested in. Try to post interesting and informative content so that people will visit your web page again and again. Images must be linked to the purpose of web page. Always ensure that image is related to the motive of web site and also maintain the quality of image. There will be no improvement unless any feedback is there. Always put a feedback form on your web site, so that readers of web site will help you to make it better. Ensure the regular update of the contents of web sites. Every web site should be developed in precise manner to cater the specific need. It is important to know that which type of customer will visit the site and what they looking for these are some basic and initial things which you need to consider before starting any web designing process